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Easy Green Bean Casserole

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m getting so excited!  This will be Theo’s second Christmas, and while he is still to young to really understand what’s going on, he’s old enough to join in on the fun.  He loves all of the… { read more }

December 18, 2017

Three Festive Banana Nice Cream Flavors

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trending banana nice cream by now.  If you haven’t, I suspect you may be living in a box (no worries, I’m here to help you break free of said box). Banana nice cream is practically the most basic… { read more }

December 13, 2017
Control your blood sugar

Controlling Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Christmas is around the corner and in my house that means lots of baking is going to be done!  It’s easy to let yourself get caught up in the holiday festivities and overindulge in treats and alcohol.  A little indulgence is not only fine, but… { read more }

December 4, 2017
cold and flu season

5 Tips for Fighting Cold and Flu Season

As the days get shorter and temperatures are cooling down, noses are starting to run. Holiday season is approaching and with that, unfortunately, comes cold and flu season.  This time of year is meant to be for having fun and spending time with loved… { read more }

November 13, 2017