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The Piece of Furniture You Need: Theo’s Learning Tower

January 8, 2018
Learning tower

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Theo makes a regular appearance. Not just on my feed but more often than not he’s the star of my Story. I love sharing what he is eating throughout the day, and just a bit about what’s going on in our daily lives.  Something else that shows up pretty often is Theo’s learning tower.   I’ve gotten so many questions about it so I thought I’d tell you all a bit about it.

Some of you might already know this, but Theo started walking at 9 months. Right around ten months it seemed like every night when it was time to start cooking, he would start whining.   He would follow me around the kitchen and cling to my legs and beg me to pick him up. I’m not a huge fan of having him walking around in the kitchen while I’m cooking and I definitely don’t want to hold him while I’m standing next to the stove. If Jordan is home or my mum is over when I’m cooking they keep him occupied. However, often times it’s just him and I home together when I’m cooking, especially breakfast and lunch, so I needed something that would distract him.

Distraction is where the learning tower comes in.  I started doing some research and found these things called learning towers.  They are stools that have sides to them so that your toddler can’t accidentally fall off.  The beauty of the learning tower is that it allows your  toddler to be included. They’re nice because your toddler can actually see what’s going on in the kitchen, instead of being eye level with everyone’s knees. Once I discovered what they were I knew I needed to get one.  It’s seriously the best purchase ever.  I can’t emphasize this enough… if you have a toddler I strongly suggest you buy one of these.

Theo can climb in and out of his tower by himself, and he is in and out of it all day long. While I’m cooking he stands in his tower and watches me.  I let him help measure out ingredients and add them to the dish I’m making.  He loves being included in the process.

Here he is whisking together the ingredients for my healthy chai cookies.  He concentrates so hard when he’s helping me, it’s the sweetest thing.

I try to make sure that he eats the majority of his meals sitting in his high chair at the table.  However, he usually has one snack a day standing in his learning tower, which he loves.

When I’m prepping food for dinner I will give him veggies to snack on.  He recently learned how delicious hummus is, and loves dipping his broccoli in it.

I got him a felt Christmas tree this year and he loved climbing up and decorating his tree over and over again.

I’m excited to see what other activities I can incorporate the learning tower into as Theo gets older . Things like coloring, crafting, and even learning how to write can all be done in the learning tower.

I love to support small businesses whenever possible.  Because of this, the learning tower I got for Theo was actually made by a really sweet woman out of her home in Gilbert, Arizona. It was $100, and like I said, the money was just so well spent. Go check out Shan’s Facebook and contact her if you want one made for your child. She has a bunch of fun colors to choose from so that you can really make it your own!

Mention The Modern Lunchbox when you are ordering and she will give you a 10% off discount!  This discount is good until April 8th so be sure to get your orders in!

If you’re not already, follow along with me on Instagram to see more about my daily life and to see regular peeks at what Theo eats.

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