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One Year Update

November 24, 2017

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our sweet little boy came into our lives. It feels like yesterday that I was telling Jordan I was pregnant.  We had so much fun deciding on a baby name and wondering what our little boy was going to be like. Would he have blonde hair or brown? Green eyes or blue? Was he going to be shy or outgoing? Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a more perfect little boy for us and now we have a one year old!  This year has flown by and has been so much fun!

Theo is rambunctious and rowdy and does not sit still unless he’s tired.  From the minute he wakes up until it’s time to go down for a nap or bed, he is just on the go.  He’s goofy and silly and loves being chased around.  He’s so friendly and will walk up to strangers and give them a big toothy grin.  He likes to try and be sneaky and see what he can get away with.  Just the other day I looked over at him and he was crouched down trying to get a drink out of the dog’s water bowl!  He looked at me and smirked and ran away before I could even say anything!  He’s very chatty and although he’s not saying a ton of words yet he is constantly talking to us.

Keep scrolling because I’ve included some of my absolute favorite pictures of Theo from his first year.  There’s also some fun Theo facts at the end.

BirthSleepy baby

He was already so strong at a month oldHolding head up

I can’t help but crack up every time I see this picture.  He just looks so tubby and not like himself!

one month

I love his expression during this Valentine’s Day shoot

valentine's day

Little T learned to sit up

sitting up

I’ve always loved his little face in this picture

Harry Potter

Our sweet angel on our wedding day


Theo’s first meal at six months old.  He loved meal time!

baby led weaning

We did a little golf photo shoot for Father’s Day

golfing baby

Just a boy and his dog

bull terrier and baby

Theo’s first picnic in the park in San Francisco

San francisco

We did a Harry Potter shoot to celebrate Theo being 9 and 3/4 months old.  Matix was a good sport about it.

harry potter

Harry Potter

Theo visiting the Eiffel Tower.  Eiffel Tower

Theo loves DC so much.

Cats and babies

Smashing his cake on his first birthday.



Theo at One:


Dada, mama, wow, dog, ba (water), ay ay (bye bye), cat (although technically he started saying this right after one)



Favorite things:

Books. There’s something so sweet about looking over and seeing him sitting by himself engrossed in a book. His current favorites are Dear Zoo and any other “lift the flap” books.

Music. The kid’s obsessed with music. His favorite genre is heavy metal and when we put it on he instantly starts dancing. His head starts bopping and his arms wave around, it’s really cute.  This was actually our trick for getting him to stop crying as a newborn… we just put a heavy metal station on Pandora. Seriously, he would stop crying within seconds every time.

Water. He’s a total water baby and loves swim class and bath time. He can now climb out of the pool by himself and loves to climb out and try to run away from mum!

Golf balls.  He will happily spend thirty minutes just wandering around the backyard throwing golf balls and hitting them with his golf club.

Waving. This kid has got a great wave, he puts his whole arm in to it and really makes it worth his time. My favorite is when we go to the grocery store he will just swing his arm wildly and smile at people the entire time.

Stairs.  The obsession is real.  Anytime he sees that the baby gate is open he takes off so fast to try and get u the stairs before we can catch him.

Pets.  He loves Matix (our dog) and DC (our cat), and they both do really well with him and are very gentle.


Overall we’ve had a pretty easy food journey. He was exclusively breastfed until 6 months, and then we started our baby-led weaning journey, which I will do a post on soon.  Some of his favorites are avocado, all fruit, peas, chicken, all things squash related, pasta in general, smoothies.

Where Theo has been:

San Francisco and Napa Valley, Utah, Las Vegas, England, and Paris




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